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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Well it took a while but I'm finally writing my first blog on "all things vision". I thought I would start off with a few simple facts that I am asked about almost everyday.
If I wear my glasses all the time will my eyes get "better"?
The quick simple answer is no. Unfortunately glasses and or contact lenses do not actually work like medicine. For some reason there seems to be a lot of patients who either heard that wearing their glasses will make their eyes better or the opposite, wearing glasses makes your eyes worse or more dependent on them. It's just not true. What is true is that the glasses do help you see and function better. Both glasses and contact lenses are just tools to help you see your world clearer by bending light and allowing your eyes to focus better. The plain truth despite what most of you will hear is that your eyesight is mostly dependant on your family history, ie, genetics. Although there may be some discussion as to the role of environmental factors like TV, Video Games, computer use,and reading may contribute, the vast majority of vision problems are directly related to our genetic makeup.
So, while carrots are a healthy snack and good lighting makes reading much more enjoyable none of these anecdotal things will contribute much toward your overall eyesight.